Michelle Hinsberg

Actor in Los Angeles, CA



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Michelle Hinsberg is an actress residing in Los Angeles. She is currently filming her lead role in the indie rom com ‘It’s What’s on the Inside’ about an agoraphobic life coach who takes steps to overcome her fears with the help of her clients and delivery guy.

She is currently training at Berg Studios under Cornell Womack. Additional training includes scene study with Harry Mastrogeorge, improv at UCB Theater, and commercial training with Killian McHugh (represented commercially by Element Talent Agency).

Michelle recently wrapped a short titled ‘Shallows’ directed by Zariah Dally where she haunts her father who drowned her. Also, a mini-series that wrapped in December, titled ‘Van Life’ and directed by Michael G. Gabel, just had its official Instagram premiere.

With a love for love stories she’s looking forward to becoming a big presence in mainstream rom-com/rom-drama films.


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